When considering to invest in an asset or a property, it is crucial to get it tested for contamination by meth. The issue of contamination in your house, vehicle or property with methamphetamine, a.k.a. meth, arises when it had been previously used to manufacture or smoke meth. This is a contemporary problem as the number of meth users in Australia has tripled from that in 2011. The professionals at NCPI offer you with reliable answers via thorough meth testing and detailed assessments.


It can be very difficult to tell if you are staying in or are about to purchase a meth contaminated property as you can seldom see its residue. Smoking methamphetamine in a closed space spreads the meth fumes throughout the structure. “Cooking” meth will lead to the release of volatile chemicals, which settle onto ceilings, walls, curtains, carpets, appliances and other household items. Spills are also common in these clandestine laboratories and may impact numerous surfaces. These chemicals, created in the manufacturing process, are more persistent and leave residual contamination long after the production has ceased. There are approximately 600 meth lab raids every year throughout Australia. This number is without considering the sites contaminated due to prolonged meth usage. For every meth lab bust, there are 10 more “clan labs” in its place which go undetected. All of this makes it extremely important to have a meth screening or meth testing done on your property by an experienced and professional service such as NCPI.


Exposure to meth residue and the by-products produced while manufacturing it may result in symptoms similar to those felt by meth users. Children and infants are most susceptible to adverse effects on coming in contact with these substances. They tend to put their hands in their mouth often after playing or touching any items which are within reach, and with less frequent hand washing. The most pronounced changes are seen in their metabolism, sleeping pattern and behaviour. Adults may experience confusion, anxiety, paranoia, delusions and mild to severe hallucinations. Headaches, nausea, dizziness and irritation in the throat and nasal area may be caused on acute or chronic exposure. In severe cases, some adults also display aggressive behaviour, mood swings and psychotic features. The current standards set by the Australian government as acceptable safe level on the tested property is 0.5 micrograms per 100 square centimetres of surface.

Why Choose NCPI For Meth Testing

NCPI ensures that the results you get from meth testing are accurate. This invisible contaminant has become a very real issue for the property owners and tenants alike.

We provide assessments for:

  1. – New home purchases
  2. – Investment properties
  3. – All types of vehicles

All the samples taken are sent to our laboratories which are accredited by National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA). Our professional reports are typically available within 48 hours of receipt from our labs. We are known for our expertise in screening and sampling meth properties and contaminated vehicles. You owe it to your family to keep them safe, and NCPI is one of the best service providers when it comes to testing for meth contamination. Our testing specialists can be contacted on 0413 952 683. Get in touch with us today for a free consultation.

  • Meth is commonly found in properties that look clean.
  • Meth has been found in properties where the owner and their families lived for a number of years. Often the owner was unaware someone in their home was using meth.
  • Owners have often painted the rooms to hide the presence of meth. Painting does not remove the toxic residue.
  • Meth has been found in properties with many different values. There have been million dollar homes where high levels of meth have been found.

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